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Spoken English Course in Rawalpindi Islamabad

We are offering this highly effective English Language Course for those who wish to communicate with confidence and practical knowledge. This course will not only prove a refresher course but also become a valuable asset for the English Language Users. Professional writing skills and clear communication materials provides free plain-language articles, writing tutorials and focusing on the English Language proficiency.

Importance Of Spoken English Course

Human beings and language were incepted at the same time. With the passage of time they diversified and developed. As a result there grew many human races having different languages. The second Language Acquisition grew rapidly and once any two communities interacted for trade, politics, religious or matrimonial affairs. With the advancement of Modern technology s his phenomena has assumed compelling necessity. English has acquired the status of “LINGUA FRNCA” of the 21st century. This has ushered in monopolistic era of English Language Learning and Teaching as a second Language in 150 countries.

Spoken English Course Contents

  • Beginners’ Level
  •  Basic Grammar (strong grip on structural and functional grammar)
  •   Rich Vocabulary
  •   Communication skills through group work / pair work
  •   Role-plays, Jig-Saw activities, Discussions, Debates etc
  •   Writing Applications, Formal letters, Essays, Stories, Poems, Book
  •   Reviews and day-to-day accounts
  •   Listening skills polished through typescripts in language labs
  • Advanced Level
  •   Detailed grammar (thorough grounding in structure)
  •   Detailed study of Received Pronunciation
  •   Command on Simple English Lexicon (SEL)
  •   Communication skills through Role-plays, Jig-Saw activities, Discussions, Debates, Speeches etc
  •   Intense reading plus pleasure reading activities
  •   Mature writing including writing Articles, Poems, Book reviews etc formal / informal letters
  •   Listening skills polished through typescripts in language labs and telephonic conversations
  • Professional Level
  •   Proficient communication skills both at academic and professional level
  •   Speaking through Role-plays, Jig-Saw activities, Discussions, Debates, Speeches and presentations
  •   CV, Resume writing, Cover and reference letter writing
  •   Professional tips for job interviews and exemplary performance at work place
  •   Tips for preparing and delivering breath-taking presentations both at academic and professional level and Chairing meetings with expertise
  •   Listening skills polished through recorded presentations, lectures of professionals and telephonic conversations
Info: Weekend (Sat/Sunday) Classes also Available You can Also get Online Classes If you cant attend regular classes
Course Title Course Duration Course Timing Course Satus
Spoken English Course 2 Months Monday - Friday


Course Videos

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Course Reviews

Muhammad Bilal Islamabad, Pakistan

"In CNEX Spoken English course has helped me express myself completely when speaking English. I used to think in my native language and translate. I don’t do this anymore, thanks to the CNEX I have got, and yes I'm a lot more fluent now"