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CCTV Camera Course in Rawalpindi Islamabad

CNEX Institute of Technology fully equipped Training Center, Our CCTV Installation & repairing course, CCTV Maintenance Course, Mobile Repairing Course , Laptop Repairing Course , Desktop Repairing Course & all course is designed to give candidates instruction on how to install , repair and maintain the systems/equipment and their component parts. This comprehensive 30 days Skill level training comprises of Installation, Repairing, Networking training their possible applications, cabling & design and their implementation. It is the ideal training for anyone wishing to become familiar with and install CCTV Camera systems, Repair CCTV Camera. CCTV & Security System Training Institute/Center offers professional CCTV & Security System Training. This CCTV Installation training will introduce the candidate to the level understanding required to allow you to work safely and efficiently on CCTV equipment and associated electrical systems.

Importance Of CCTV Camera Course

CCTV camera security system is available in market in different costs. It is very helpful to us in protecting our home and valuable things. Through CCTV camera we can see and check the ongoing process and moreover we can see the previous recording also. In offices CCTV cameras are required to put an eye on employees to check their work dedication and behavior as well. And sometimes if miss happening is there then also it is helpful. At homes also it is useful. Suppose you are not at home and you want to check after coming back home whether anyone entered inside or not, then it is only possible through CCTV cameras. It helps us to reach to the victim in all possible ways.

CCTV Installation Course Contents

  • • What is Security Systems?
    • Television & Its Types
    • Open Circuit TV
    • Close Circuit TV
    • Purpose of CCTV Camera
    • Factors Effects Budgeting & Designing
    • Types of CCTV Cameras
    • Indoor Camera
    • Outdoor Camera
    • IR Day/Night Camera
    • Dome Camera
    • Bullet Camera
    • Hidden Camera
    • Pan Tilt Zoom Camera
    • Elements of camera
    • Image Sensor
    • Lens
    • Image Processing Circuitry
  •   CCTV Cables & Connectors
  • • Camera Power
    • Video Cable & Connectors
    • Audio In Cable For Mic
  • • CCTV Installation Tools
    • Introduction to Multi Meter
    • How to Check the cables break and short with Multi Meter
    • Power Supply and Power adapter
    • Checking DC Voltage with Multi Meter
  • • Ports of DVR
    • How to install cameras, and HDD in DVR
    • Basic Configuration of DVR
    • Configuration of Date Time, Network setting, Recording
    • Configuration Play back and Backups
    • Users Management in DVR
    • Audio & Video recording
    • Play Back & USB Backup Raw Photage
    • Motion, Manual, Schedule Recording
    • Data playback and backup
    • Hard disk management
  • • Types of Networks (LAN, WAN)
    • Introduction to IP Address
    • Classes of IP Address
    • LAN / WAN IPs
    • Static and Dynamic IP
    • How to configure Static & Dynamic IP on DVR
    • UTP Cable Layout
    • DVR Network Configuration
    • Accessing DVR in LAN
    • DVR Cameras View in LAN
    • DVR Configuration for Mobile View
    • How to find GID of DVR through QR Codes
    • Installation of Mobile App for DVR Camera live view
    • Configuration of live view of DVR Cameras on Mobile
  • • Various Voltages Need for Cameras Like 24,12v DC/AC
    • Types of Power Supply
    • Where & which Power Supply required?
  •   CCTV NVR IP & Wi-Fi Camera
  • • What is IP Camera
    • what is NVR
    • Installation of IP Camera
    • What is Wi-Fi Camera
    • Installation of Wi-Fi Camera
  • • CCTV camera Fault finding
    • DVR fault finding
Info: Weekend (Sat/Sunday) Classes also Available You can Also get Online Classes If you cant attend regular classes
Course Title Course Duration Course Timing Course Satus
CCTV Installation 1 Month Monday - Friday


Course Videos

What is CCTV Camera
Analogue CCTV vs IP CCTV
CCTV Job Interview Questions

Course Reviews

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