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CCNA MCSE Course in Rawalindi Islamabad

CCNA training centre in rawalpindi, islamabad, Pakistan. CCNA course, Cisco certified Network Associate, with special discount packages, CCNA Course in Rawalpindi, Islamabad. Work as System or Network Administrator within country and abroad Free Study Material The course can cover in Three Months as Fast Track

Importance Of CCNA MCSE Course

After this course you you will be called as Networking System Administrator.

Course Contents

  • Designing and Implementing an AD DS Domain Infrastructure
  • Managing Active Directory Domain Services Objects
  • Managing Active Directory Account
  • Automating Active Directory Domain Services Administration
  • Using Command-Line Tool For Administration
  • Using Windows Scripts For Administration
  • Performing Bulk Operations With Widows PowerShell
  • Managing Group Policy Objects
  • Managing Custom Starter Group Policy Objects
  • Managing Group Policy Disaster Recovery
  • Implementing Resultant Set Of Policies
  • Creating and Managing Additional Domain Controllers
  • Managing Operation Masters
  • Designing solution for Operation Master Disasters
  • Designing solutions For Active Directory Branch Office
Info: Weekend (Sat/Sunday) Classes also Available You can Also get Online Classes If you cant attend regular classes
Course Title Course Duration Course Timing Course Satus
CCNA MCSE Linux Three Months Monday - Friday


Course Reviews

Muhammad Bilal Islamabad, Pakistan

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